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Elevating Style, Empowering Beauty, and Crafting Visual Stories.


Image Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Color Analyst, Beauty Coach and Video Production Instructor, with a passion for helping individuals discover their true potential and radiate their best selves.

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"Style goes way beyond trying to be some fancy icon or sticking to stuffy rules. It's all about rocking your true self, being comfy in your own skin, and shining with confidence, no matter what. And guess what? We're in this together!

So, let's roll on a journey to reveal your awesome, authentic self, side by side."

Nicky Crovetto

About Nicky

At 17, I took a bold step—relocating to a new continent solo. In 2008, I earned a Bachelor's in Media and Entertainment Management, specializing in Production. My career kicked off in organizing international events in Beauty & Fashion.

Driven by empowering women, I added Image Consulting, Personal Shopping, and Fashion Styling to my skill set.

Recognizing the power of inner beauty, I also became a Makeup Artist, trained by experts like Martin Catalogne (1M+ followers). I've styled for theater and worked behind the scenes at Lima Fashion Week, collaborating with designer Jazmín Chébar. To further excel in my craft, I earned my Hairstylist Degree with honors from the prestigious Dutch Kappersakademie.

My journey is about exploring and elevating style, beauty, and self-expression. I'm excited to share my skills and creativity with you, helping you look and feel your absolute best. Together, let's embrace your unique style and confidence on this transformative beauty journey!


Choose clothing that enhances your body's grace and colors that ignite your skin's radiance.

In the world of fashion, don't chase trends; seek this season's treasures that resonate with your essence. Embrace and celebrate your own, one-of-a-kind style!


"I took one of Nicky’s online makeup classes and it changed my life! I NOW know how to come up with an everyday look nicely and easy: how to prepare my skin, how to apply foundation correctly, how to curl my lashes without poking my eyes and a lot more. She understood my needs, was very patient and came up with very practical tips that I keep using today. I’m looking forward to taking more classes with her to step up my makeup skills and boost my confidence."

Debora, PERU

“Nicky is so personable and honest in her approach to obtaining the best look for you. The experience was fun and I also learned the techniques. Thank you, for making this burnt out mama feel like a movie star.”

Maria, USA

"Nicky, I loved all the outfits, thank you so much for all the help!! I wouldn't have made it without you."


"Working with Nicky was great! We went through all my clothes and created outfits for various occasions. It is not true when we say “ I have nothing to wear “ - we just might need help to see what we actually have and how combine it the right way to make us look ‘even’ better. Nicky is an expert in that, highly recommended"

Stefanie, GERMANY

"Working with Nicky was a pleasure. A couple of years ago, she advised me and helped me understand my body shape, my color palette, and how to better coordinate my clothes and basics. Every time I go shopping, I keep Nicky's advice in mind; sometimes, I still ask her what she thinks of my purchases. Thank you for your guidance and professionalism."


Girls Party


Our mission is to provide complete tools for self-care and offer beauty and fashion advice that seamlessly fits into our clients' lives, ultimately boosting their self-confidence.

Love Yourself


Our vision is to promote self-love, boost self-esteem, and empower thousands of women to lead successful daily routines, feeling and looking fabulous.


Let's create your dream style together. Contact me today to discuss your ideas and inspirations.

Address: Delft, The Netherlands

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