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The true story behind Nicky Crovetto

When I was a child, attending a girls-only school made interacting with boys complicated and confusing for many of us. I vividly recall my first co-ed party at school. Kids from another school were invited, and my mom, excited, offered to do my makeup for the occasion.

It was 1996, and frosted eyeshadow paired with dark lips were in vogue. Upon arriving at the party, my 'friends' decided I was wearing too much makeup and escorted me to the bathroom to tone it down. As always, I followed others' instructions, neglecting my own opinion. That night, we danced to Latin choreographies and even dared some forbidden moves to the beat of Boombastic. I don't remember if I danced with any boys, but I do remember having a lot of fun.

Over time, I began to value not only the opinions of my friends but also those of boys. At that time, SLAM, a book where each person answered personal questions, was all the rage. I remember one day, during a gathering with friends, reading answers to a question about who was the ugliest at the party. My name kept popping up. This marked the beginning of a journey plagued by low self-esteem and a relentless need to please others, regardless of how I felt about myself.

During the early 2000s, as I was completing high school, women like Cristina Aguilera and Britney Spears heavily influenced us. We all aspired to have a flat stomach and experimented with all sorts of fad diets. I saw myself as overweight compared to my peers, but looking back now, I realize I was mistaken. Our generation was obsessed with thinness, oblivious to the fact that health and self-love should take precedence.

In 2002, I moved to Europe and developed an interest in fashion. For the first time, I had access to the latest trends at affordable prices. I noticed that I attracted attention, especially from boys. This radical change didn't heal the wounds of my adolescence; rather, it covered them with a beautiful bandage. Nonetheless, it was a revelation for me. Not only did I feel more confident, but I also found a way to express myself through fashion. I began my studies in Holland and shared a house with my boyfriend, one of whose rooms we transformed into a fashion paradise: my own walk-in closet! Organizing my wardrobe became a passion, and to this day, I cherish my first fashion books.

I've always considered myself to be a non-creative person, but in the world of fashion, I discovered an unexpected talent: combining colors and garments. ​To me, fashion and makeup embody exquisite forms of art that transcend fleeting trends and the overwhelming consumerism perpetuated by large corporations. They serve as mediums for self-expression, creativity, and the celebration of beauty in its diverse manifestations. I witness this artistic expression every day, from selecting my morning outfit to choosing the perfect lipstick shade. Even when I step out onto the streets, I marvel at the artistic expression in the styles of people from all walks of life, making it a unique and vibrant spectacle.

I fondly remember makeover television shows, but the one that left the greatest impression on me was Trinny and Susannah. They emphasized self-esteem over surgeries and drastic physical changes. Is it possible to feel beautiful without transforming into someone else? Yes, it is. I experienced it firsthand and shared it with my friends. I'm still amazed at how a few simple changes can alter our perception of ourselves. I remember a friend who, with a little makeup and the right outfit, transformed from a tired morning face to a movie star. Another friend found her confidence amulet in black tights and red lipstick to kick-start her day. very day, from selecting my morning outfit to choosing the perfect lipstick shade. Even when I step out onto the streets, I marvel at the artistic expression in the styles of people from all walks of life, making it a unique and vibrant spectacle.

But how did I heal those wounds from the past? I achieved it when I realized that self-love is the key to healing the deepest wounds, and every day, I make a little more progress in this journey.​ By paying attention to my appearance, I discovered the value of my qualities and learned to see myself through new eyes in the mirror. I no longer see the ugly girl I once faced, but a beautiful woman. After curling my eyelashes and applying mascara, my brown eyes shine back at me. When I wear that outfit that accentuates my shoulders, elongates my torso, and celebrates my curves, I feel empowered. By completing the ensemble with shoes that elongate my legs, I gain the confidence needed to stride toward success.

Often, with a bit of self-discipline in self-care, we can tap into our inner beauty and self-love. And that's the goal I pursue with each of my clients. I want to help them discover their own qualities and fall in love with themselves. When they look in the mirror, I want them to see how wonderful they can look with just a few tools. My goal is for them to feel that FEMPOWER, that female empowerment in their reflection!

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